About us

In a nutshell Definitive I.T. Solutions is a support company for Mac/Linux oriented schools and businesses. We offer comprehensive support at competitive rates and we are committed to your interests being met.

Definitive is run by Stu McGregor and by drawing on his many contacts within the I.T. industry he offers you a broad range of expertise for fulfilling your vision. It’s our aim to serve you and your needs as effectively, as efficiently and (for you at least!) as effortlessly as possible.

Three points of difference

Many schools or businesses see the Big Boys of the industry as the best place to go for all their needs. There’s no doubt about it, they can offer you a great deal, but it’s not all a bed of roses (I know you know that). With big, it’s easy to get lost in their ‘system’. With us, you really, really count.


Dealing with one person, all the time, is very important to Definitive. Stu is completely committed to building a good relationship with you and your school or business. You will only see Stu and he will do all the work on your systems. You can be sure that when a problem arises (as they inevitably do) there will be an efficient fix because of familiarity with your setup. There is a whole network of experts that Stu can draw on for the extra advice should he need it. It’s not that he “knows everything”, it’s that he knows how to get the information for you.


As we are not a reseller or servicer of Apple equipment, or any other brand for that matter, we can give you advice that follows no other agenda than “What will work for you best?” We will only recommend suppliers to you that we trust, that we know will follow up on your purchases and see the project through.


We all make mistakes, but we won’t pull the wool over your eyes. We believe that building trust requires transparency and if the issue is our problem, we will own it and solve it. The blame game never gets the problem solved.